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3 Common Misconceptions about Digital Marketing

3 Common Misconceptions about Digital Marketing

04 Aug 2022

3 Common Misconceptions about Digital Marketing

3 Common Misconceptions about Digital Marketing

Digital marketing may be trending today, but it wasn’t always this way. Before businesses transitioned into the digital sphere, there was scarcely any demand for digital marketing. Now, not only is it highly sought after; it continues to be drastically transformed year after year as it evolves to complement the ever-changing nature of marketing. If you have just graduated with a bachelor degree in Singapore in digital marketing, you might be aware of certain misconceptions surrounding the trade that might paint you an inaccurate picture of what the role entails. Here are a few common ones that we will be addressing in this article.

SEO is Dead

SEO is Dead Masters in digital marketing

As social media becomes the primary and most prominent way of advertising due to the sheer number of users businesses can reach out to on those platforms, many are downplaying SEO as an effective marketing strategy. However, for businesses, particularly those that aren’t household names yet, the journey to discovering these brands still begins with a search engine, and effective SEO writing can help get a brand noticed in a sea of competitors. The importance of SEO marketing is evidenced in our master’s in digital marketing programme, where students are taught that every facet of digital marketing, regardless of platform, can be transformed into an effective tool to reach out to people from all walks of life.

Cross-platform Marketing is Unnecessary

Cross-platform Marketing is Unnecessary Masters in digital marketing

With more marketing platforms emerging, particularly when it comes to social media, more businesses are relying on all of them to promote themselves. Gone are the days when marketing managers only needed to rely on one particular element of digital marketing; being an effective digital marketer today requires you to have many arrows in your quiver. This means being proficient and knowledgeable in as many marketing platforms as possible in order to maximise your business’ reach even into niche communities and markets. However, this doesn’t mean you must have a presence on every marketing platform; understanding your audience and where they can usually be found helps you channel your energy and resources effectively. Although a bachelor degree in Singapore in Digital Marketing equips you with the fundamentals of digital marketing platforms, you’ll only learn how to master them with real-time work experience.

Email Marketing is Obsolete

Email Marketing is Obsolete Masters in digital marketing

Many of us tend to ignore marketing emails altogether unless they’re from businesses that we’re invested in. This is perhaps why we could be tempted to assume that email marketing has been rendered obsolete. However, studies have shown that email marketing remains one of the most effective digital marketing platforms today. For every dollar spent on email marketing, an estimated 38 dollars are generated in return, making it an even more effective marketing tool than Facebook or Twitter. Moreover, email marketing is still a popular marketing tool as there are many programmes out there that can help automate the entire process so you can instead use that extra time to analyse and refine your strategies instead of fretting over the execution. In our bachelor degree in Singapore in digital marketing, you will learn various skills, such as creating effective email marketing content to maximise your conversion rate.

With such a broad range of marketing skills and knowledge to grasp, stay relevant to the industry with a bachelor in digital marketing; and if you wish to explore the trade on an even deeper level, consider a master’s in digital marketing here at Amity Global. For more information about these programmes, please visit our website.

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