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Alumni Association (AGBSAA)

Welcome to AGBSAA

The Amity Alumni Association (AGBSAA) was formed in 2011 by a group of pioneer graduates who had expressed interest in maintaining links with their fellow graduates and alma mater. Objective of the AGBSAA is to promote and achieve the Amity’s mission of nurturing talents in a modern and sophisticated learning environment by collaboration, knowledge sharing and networking.

Student Mentorship Program

Amity Alumni Association is involved in the Student Mentorship Program that provides the platform for students to learn from alumni mentors about work and life outside the school by connecting students with alumni through networking workshops, seminars and talks. It aims to facilitate a smooth university-to-work transition for students and ensure that they are better prepared for entry into the working world

Interest Group

Amity Alumni Association is pleased to have students, alumni participate in the activities of the interest groups that AGBSAA have organized for you. If you wish to participate, please email to

  • Entrepreneur Networking section
  • Young Adult/Singles/Adventure
  • Outdoor Adventure

Contact Us

Amity Alumni Association (AGBSAA)
100 Victoria Street, National Library Building #11-01, Singapore 188064
Phone: +65 6602 9500
Fax : +65 6602 9509
E-mail :

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