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Learning Environment

Located right in the heart of Singapore's Financial and Corporate hub Access to the multinational business Hotels and Business Towers of the world Connected by public transport Best restaurants, cafes, libraries, retail hubs and food-courts

Information Technology

The students enrolled in Universities courses and diplomas awarded by Amity in Singapore are provided with a free laptop* or Ipad* (based on their choice) to access the world of knowledge from anywhere anytime.

The entire campus is enabled with Free Wireless Internet Access to all students and staff.

* Refer to the courses Terms and Conditions under courses fee for more info

Teaching Staff

We believe that in any academic institution, the quality of faculty is of utmost importance. At Amity, we pride ourselves in having some of the most talented and dedicated thought leaders in the country who come from the best institutions around the world. Not only are they academically and professionally amongst the best, but have high standards of moral and ethical values, so that they can be true role models.

Core Faculty

At Amity, the core faculty comprises of following senior academicians in Singapore who have taught in reputed Singapore and foreign universities including Singapore Management University and have vast industrial experience to add value to the curriculum

Visiting Faculty

In addition to the permanent faculty, leading professionals from the corporate world interact regularly with the students in the classroom as well as their workplaces. The students get a different insight into the subject with the rich industry experience the faculty shares with each of them. They encourage the students to look beyond the books and explore the subject with experiential learning.

Attendance Requirements

International Students are required to have 90% attendance to ensure that their attendance fulfil ICA’s requirements for issuing the Student Pass. For all other students who do not require ICA’s student pass, course attendance must be at least 75%.

Amity has a strict attendance monitoring system that includes:

  • Collecting medical certificates for any absenteeism;
  • Cancelling student’s pass with ICA when international students’ attendance does not meet ICA’s requirement;
  • Taking appropriate and timely interventions for absenteeism without valid reasons (including issue of warning letters); and
  • Informing parents/guardians of regular absenteeism (for international students).
  • For international students, Amity only accepts medical certificates as proof for absenteeism. Any other documents should only be accepted on a case-by-case basis with full justification and be acceptable by ICA.

International students will spend at least 5 hours 5 days in school as mandatory requirement for attendance. "Currently, the school has a Bio-metric attendance monitoring system in place since April 2014.